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Welcome to About Us

NAMI PHARMA is a fast growing organization established by a team of professionals with over decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with specific reference to the development and manufacture of various modified release,sustain release ,Micro pellets,Taste Masked Granules solid oral dosage forms.
vision is to become the most preferred supply partner to our customers and achieve sustained growth, through consistent delivery of innovative, world-class quality products.

NAMI PHARMA providing Ready to Fill (RTF) Pellets & Directly Compressible Granules (DCG) for minimizing the process and reducing manufacturing cost.

Now a days Ready to Fill (RTF) Pellets has creates its own market in Pharmaceutical field. We are providing the pellets as Modified Release Dosage Form i.e. Immediate Release (IR), Enteric Coated (EC), Sustain Release (SR) and MUPS (Multi Unit articulate System), Taste Masked Granules.

Rational of Pellets/why to choose Pellets.

  •    Pellets are less susceptible to dose dumping.
  •    Avoid high local concentration, minimum local irritation in G.I.T.
  •    Reduce variation in gastric emptying rates.
  •    Disperse freely in G.I.T., maximum absorption.
  •    Improve the safety and efficacy of bioactive agents.
  •    Flexibility in dosage form design & development.
  •    Controlled release/Modified release pellets can be manufactured.
  •    Reduce the inter & intra - subject variability.